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Frequently asked questions

How do you ship?

* We dispatch our products World-Wide using standard portable packages and envelopes
* Our organization name or anything else that would imply pharmaceutical contents of the package is never used in our shipments
* The size of our packages are never larger than what would cause unnecessary suspicion
* We dispatch our products from Europe and usually will take from 8 to 16 business days to arrive, depending on U.S. West or East coast
* We using the Priority Mail with a confirmation number on the package/envelope, but it doesn’t support on-line tracking!
* Your order will be delivered directly to your door! If got no one in home the mailman will leave you a notification to pick it up from the post office. If you could not pick-up your package it will be returned back to us!

What if my order is returned back to your company?

* We will write you e-mail with notification about that and then will discuss how will proceed.

What amount of quantity could be shipped?

* If the amount of the order is big then one package, we will divide it in more packages. For more information please CONTACT US

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes and APO?

* We will ship to PO Box and APO address.

What is the cost of shipping?

* About now we use Standard International Flat rate Mail Service. Calculation of the price depending the destination point and weight of the packet. It doesn’t support on-line tracking.
* Please CONTACT US if you would like to use Express mail! We recommend it for wholesale orders!

* For more details check our TOS

How long will take the whole process of ordering and shipping?

* Once payment is received, we will dispatch your item(s) within 2 business day.
* Shipping time is normally between 8 to 15 business days and for long distance countries (USA, Australia ...) up to 20 business days!
* PLEASE NOTE that BUSINESS DAYS are only Mondays to Fridays!
* Delivery time includes time necessary for international priority airmail, which must also pass your Customs, so we recommend this as NORMAL DELIVERY TIME
* Please check your ORDER HISTORY time by time and count the business days before writing us about status of your packet! If its going over 20 business days, PLEASE CONTACT US and together we will find some decision of that problem!
* Please use your PayPal rights (opening of Dispute, Claim on your payment) as a final step for finding the decision of some trouble or concern.
* We doesn't try to robber no one! PLEASE CONTACT US firs with your questions. We'll be happy to be in your service.

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